What do we buy?

It is really a case of what don't we buy...






Chinese works of art

Toys and games






Basically we will consider most things - send us an email and you may be surprised!!

Frequently asked questions

  • How can antiquesbuyers.co.uk pay more than other sources?

Because we have access to the best buyers and we are experts in our fields.  We have at least one expert in each field

  • Why not sell in auction?

 Some auctions now charge up to 25% commission

  • What about ebay?

Again ebay also charge up to 25%

  • How do I receive payment?

Either by cheque or cash - you choose

  • How long do I have to wait for payment?

We pay instantly once a deal is approved

  • Is there a limit on what antiquebuyers.co.uk will pay?

No - we have bought items for £10 all the way up to £300k and we want to exceed that!

  • Why give 10% of profit to charity?

We always set up to help people - this is the best way to give back directly

  • I want my item back - is there anyway?

Absolutely - if we still have it, you are welcome to buy it back

  • What do you pay for gold/silver?

Call now for a live price - no need to send your item away until you are happy!

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